Leather repair

Affordable special method for repairing of cuts, tears, holes, scratches and wear outs, as well as c...

xfixx - Express Cosmetic Repairs

If you have searched for a workshop that will take care of your car's health and beauty, then you ca...

Aktion - Lackschadenreparatur ab € 120,-

Ein Lackschaden am Auto ist schnell passiert. Wir verhindern, dass Sie deswegen gleich ein neues Aut...

Promotion- Wheel repair from € 50,-

Durch Wheelfixx, in der Regel ohne Demontage des Reifens wird die Felge schnell und kostengünstig in...

Promotion - Windshield Chip Repair from € 20,-

Windshield Chip Repair with a special resin compound. Fast - Simply - Clean - Cheap.

Car-Repair Workshop in Viennas 17. District

  • Welcome to xFixx Express Cosmetic Repairs - we will repair your car - fast, cheap and reliable! As Car-Repair Workshop for small and middle damages, we are resident in Vienna's 17. District for customers from Vienna and surrounding areas since 2009.

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Your paint shop, body shop and repair workshop is offering

  • - Paint repair
    - Dent repair
    - Rim repair
    - Windshield Chip repair
    - Tint foil
    - Plastic repair
    - Textile repair
    - Leather repair
    - Inscription and Car-tattoos
    - Tuning